Shirt: I Would Cuddle You So Hard

Cuddle You SO Hardblkwht

AVAILABLE IN RED! Just put “Make Red” in “Note to Dpcted” at check out.

Do you like to cuddle? Do you also like semi-suggestive t-shirts? Great. This is the shirt for you.

Sizes: S-5XL



(Orders may take 5-10 business days to ship from the date of sale. International deliveries may take longer than typical domestic shipping times.)


47 Comments on "Shirt: I Would Cuddle You So Hard"

  1. Melissa Laurin says:

    I’m a total Unicorn, this shirt was made for me! haha (: I LOVE LOVE LOVE ITTT!

  2. sarah says:

    I want this… so bad

  3. Smitty says:

    What’s the fit like? Standard? I want to order one but not sure of size.

  4. chandra says:

    Love this shirt! I’m bookmarking and will be back to order when I have the cash. Perfect gift for the love of my life!

  5. Skinny James says:

    I would buy this if it came in either a black with white lettering or med. to dark blue with white lettering.

    • Dpcted says:

      The shirts DO come in black. All you have to do is write MAKE BLACK in the shipping notes @

  6. Q says:

    This shirt got me two phone numbers and a hookup from a girl at the bar who has a single friend. Well the working out and the devilish smile helped too, but the shirt is an ice breaker for sure. Even a few dudes commented on it while I was walking in.

  7. Skittles says:

    Can you get this in turquoise or sky blue for the shirt?

    • Dpcted says:

      We have a green color in stock only 1 medium and 1 large left, otherwise it’s back to the red or black.
      We may start to carry more colors in the future.

  8. Ava says:

    Has anyone ordered from this site before? I really want to get this shirt, but I don’t want to be robbed or anything? haha

    • Dpcted says:

      Take a look at our Facebook page. You can like us and save 10%. We have a Storefront through and also an account through Paypal who handles the transaction.

  9. zee says:

    what kind of fit is it? what shirt is this printed on?

  10. Jayne says:

    Does this come in a V neck? Pink?

    • Dpcted says:

      We don’t have v-neck pink in stock. You can send us a shirt of your choice and we will stamp it with your favorite Dpcted design. Check out the details on our home page at the bottom.

  11. LChristian says:

    It says you take all major cards OR paypal, but it is directing me straight to paypal. I have had my card number stolen several times through paypal, so I’d like to have another option. Is there one?

  12. DEE says:

    what’s the red like.. bright? i was wanting something more dark/maroon

    • Dpcted says:

      I would say it’s right between, not real bright but not maroon. Go to our Facebook page and check out the pics of our fans wearing our shirts and you might be able to get a better idea.

  13. sarah says:

    Are the sizes, adult sizes?? or children’s?

  14. Edward says:

    How does the like us on your facebook page and save 10% work?

  15. Edward says:

    Oh and do you have any other colors besides red and black available?

    • Dpcted says:

      Edward, you can send us your favorite color Tee and we will stamp it with the Dpcted design of your choice and send it back. See the bottom of the home page for details! We only have red and black in stock for now

  16. Nathan says:


  17. Kealy says:

    Hee! I can’t share the pic but Jensen Ackles loves this shirt.

  18. porkchop says:

    If I send in my own, how much will it cost to stamp my shirt?

  19. Juan Q. says:

    Does it come with that on the actual shirt?

  20. Xydexx says:

    I saw someone wearing this shirt (red) at a Furry convention recently. Adorable!

  21. Lisa says:

    Do the cuddle you so hard tshirts come in long sleeve?

  22. chris says:

    Any discounts on multiple shirts?

  23. Jill says:

    seriously u need a shirt that says ” I WANT TO STRUGGLE SNUGGLE U SO BAD” or just “STRUGGLE SNUGGLE” I love your shirts i have bought 2 and just came on to order the newest one u put on facebook!!! Make it and i will order them two… THANKS <3

  24. Kali hostetler says:

    Can these be exchanged for larger size if I already bought one?

  25. Meliss says:

    Do you guys still just carry Red and Black? I read a previous comment saying you might carry more colors in the future.

  26. jim says:

    Do you sizes run small or big?? Shirts I order online never seem to fit me. I always order a medium but they are made for short stocky people and im taller and skinny. Just wondering. I like the black one.

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